MCJ Week: Multimedia Production Day Sponsor



The first student-run PR firm at Fresno State, TALK is comprised of a diverse group of students looking to further enhance their resumes, portfolios and experience in the professional world. TALK is more than just a PR firm; it is a place for students from different majors and options to get involved, network and prepare themselves for life after college. Working with clients on and off campus, TALK looks to provide the university community and community at large with affordable public relations services ranging from traditional practices to exploring the new realms of social media.



MCJ Week: Multimedia Production Day Video & Photo Competition Sponsor


cmacCMAC is dedicated to empowering voices in the community through media. They specialize in giving people and organizations in Fresno and Clovis the opportunity to harness the power of media in exciting new ways to reach and engage others.


CMAC’s Community Media Center is located in Fresno Met building in downtown Fresno. Their modern facility features a spacious 900 square foot production studio, private editing suites, meeting rooms, classroom space, and a computer lab, along with a variety of portable production gear. It also houses an automated broadcast center, which delivers programming to CMAC TV channels on Comcast, AT&T U-verse, and the Internet.


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